It’s ok to feel down every once in awhile

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 12.06.32 PM

Have you ever woke up feeling the need of crying but your tears aren’t coming out of your eyes? To the point that you don’t want to get up of your bed? Well, this is life and it is full of changes which means it is ok to feel this way from time to time. Let me tell you how to handle this situation. If anything comes to your mind that you might think people will call crazy if you do it, DO IT! If this thing turns your pain into joy, why care about other’s opinion. Now if you are a written or you like to write down journals, this might also help out. If you know how to draw however, this is your best time to turn your feelings into a beautiful piece. Nothing is worth thinking about when it affects your happiness. There should be a limit to your sadness so that you stay strong and forget about your pain for a while.


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