My name is Sally Yadago, a business major student at San Diego State University. I was born in Iraq and I finished my sophomore year there. I was 16-year-old when I had to leave to Turkey with my family because of the war. After spending a difficult year in Turkey, I came to the United States in 2009 where my talent had a better chance to evolve.

My journey with drawing started as a child but I don’t know exactly when. I always received good compliments from my family and friends. At school, I remember being the best student in art class, but still received lower grades than the teacher’s daughter who knew nothing about drawing! It never stopped me from improving, however. Back home, art class was roughly ignored and provided no more than colored pencils and some poor type of oil pastels. There was a lack of art supplies and a lack of support for anything that has to do with art. Teachers didn’t even teach art; they would ask us to draw a flag, a landscape, or a playground without even demonstrating. Not to mention, it did not change from middle school to high school; rather, same topics kept repeating from grade to grade. It was pretty difficult to develop my talent in a school where the least necessities weren’t available. Before I forget, I’m talking about a time and a place where the internet wasn’t diffused yet; it was prohibited in Iraq to be specific!

During my senior year in high school, I took an art class and that was when every little drawing of mine was valued. This motivated me to believe more in myself and love every little memory I create through my art.I think drawing is a talent that comes from the heart before the mind. Learning or improving comes from being motivated which could be a reason of determination or what surrounds your environment. I hope that  my blog would bring motivation for you to start drawing and accomplishing something that would bring happiness to your hearts.

The purpose of creating this blog started as a project for my English class. I never thought of creating a blog nor I knew what a blog was.  On GoDraw, you’ll find my old and most recent drawings and I will keep sharing what I create in the future. Different types of colors are used in my drawings but most are done with pencils only.  My passion for art has been always something that motivates me to become better through creativity and imagination. I invite each art lover to share thoughts and creativity with me. There are probably endless methods and types of art and together we can combine as many types as possible and learn from each other.

Just a little note, I’m still developing my blog and I’m looking for a good title! I’m not sure if my current title is used by other bloggers. Any title suggestions will be taken in consideration!

Enjoy my very humble drawings, Thanks for visiting.