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This is my most recent acrylic painting. Believe it or not, I’m motivated to draw frequently again after some long time all because of this blog. After creating this blog for school purpose, I feel more responsible to continue drawing. Right now, no one has seen my blog yet except my classmates. However, when it becomes more accessible by the public, I am sure I will be more motivated to keep posting what I do.

I just realized how easy it is to use acrylic paint. I even think it is easier than pencil drawing!

Feel free to comment and tell what do you think of my little bird?

When you are amazed o​f your own work


This painting was my final project in my very first art class at college. I invested time and effort to make it look as mush realistic as I could. Don’t they say hard work pays off? Well, I received an A on this painting which still makes me remember the feeling I had when I knew. As a beginning painter, I knew nothing about paint and now I don’t remember everything about painting since I took this class back in 2011. However, I can proudly say that I did a great job and all goes back to the motivation that my teacher gave me. She knew I had a talent and a passion for trying different types of art. She believed in me and I did not disappoint her   and myself!

Bold lips and thick eyeliner?

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This is the most recent drawing of mine. I used pencils and black ink for the lips and eyeliner. I love using ink but I also find it tricky because you can’t go back and erase it if you mess up unless they invented an ink eraser that I’m not aware of. If you see the improvement through my drawings, what else could motivate you more than this? Look back at one of my older drawings and see if you can be motivated to start using your creativity in a better way.