Determination is all you need

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After drawing this portrait of a Syrian young singer, Faia Younan, I can say I’m  proud of what I achieved. I never thought I would make a portrait as realistic as this using colored pencils. I discovered that when you have determination you can accomplish what you want. I also can say that when you love something or someone to the point that you can draw them and be proud of the outcome, you are an art lover!


It’s ok to feel down every once in awhile

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Have you ever woke up feeling the need of crying but your tears aren’t coming out of your eyes? To the point that you don’t want to get up of your bed? Well, this is life and it is full of changes which means it is ok to feel this way from time to time. Let me tell you how to handle this situation. If anything comes to your mind that you might think people will call crazy if you do it, DO IT! If this thing turns your pain into joy, why care about other’s opinion. Now if you are a written or you like to write down journals, this might also help out. If you know how to draw however, this is your best time to turn your feelings into a beautiful piece. Nothing is worth thinking about when it affects your happiness. There should be a limit to your sadness so that you stay strong and forget about your pain for a while.

A cup or a magnifier?

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 12.23.08 AM.jpg

Sometimes we need to let our pencil decide in which direction it wants to go. Maybe this will lead to the unexpected that will make you smile. I started drawing a realistic cup of a traditional Arabic coffee and this how it looked at the end. Some of my friends thought it was a magnifier which didn’t bother me. OtComment your first expression of this drawing. A cup or a magnifier?

Primarily warm w/cool accents


When I attended college, I signed up for a painting class which sounded weird because I had never used oil paint in my life. I knew nothing about painting but as I started experimenting with the colors and brushes I fell in love immediately. This piece was a project using warm colors with some cool accents.  I don’t know if you can tell what is the object on the lower left; guess what? It’s an apple 😀 I love how the leaves turned out but I was disappointed with the apple a little bit. What do you think about a beginner painting this?

Stressed out? Draw a mermaid :D

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Do you ever feel like you need to do something but don’t know what to do? You’re at school but you don’t want to keep studying for your Marketing exam tomorrow? It’s ok to breathe! Take a break to escape the stressful world inside your head. Pull out a paper and a pencil and get creative. Draw your feelings on that paper and you’ll see how it will turn out to be a beautiful drawing that you’ll always remember.

Little Fishy

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 12.03.09 PM.jpg

Two years ago, we had a little fish that we brought home for my little sister. I found a drawing of a fish inside a light bulb that I turned into a fish in a glass in  this drawing. The fish is the same as the one we had for my sister. This was a great experience for me to try to draw a glass with water. It was hard at the beginning to master the shading but it all looked good at the end at least to me. This fish looks astonished, can you guess what did it find?